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How much does an LED wall cost? 4 things to consider when investing in LED products

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LED walls can be a huge asset to businesses, whether you’re a venue, a church, or host frequent events.

While you’re considering the addition of LED products LED products in your space, you may be wondering what the pricing will look like and what factors contribute to the cost. If you’ve asked yourself this question in the past, we’re breaking down the four factors that influence the cost of LED products for people like you!

1. Size

Probably not all that surprising, the size of your screen of LED products will influence the cost of your project. If you’re unsure what size you need in the space, businesses like Refresh are happy to help and make recommendations. Based on the size of your room or venue and the number of seats in that space, we can nail down a screen or panel size specifically for you that fits the room and allows for your audience to easily view the screens, and suits your organization’s goals and needs.

Most panels that we use for clients are 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft and can be “built” together in a multitude of designs and layouts. Some projects utilize these panels for design, while others build a larger screen. There is no limit to the creativity you can have with your LED panels. If it fits in your space, we can help you create it. Some clients opt for 6 ft X 60 ft while others are 5 ft X 8 ft. For a standard 5ft by 8ft screen, pricing usually starts somewhere around $15,000.

For screens under 100 inches, we often encourage customers to consider televisions in their design. When it comes to TVs and LED walls, pricing and value for the technology directly correlate. For TV screens under 100 inches, they are generally cheaper than LED panels. For TV screens over 100 inches, the price jumps drastically, and LED panels become a more cost-effective technology.

2. Dimensions

In addition to your screen’s size, your product’s dimensions also influence the cost of the project. If you’re unfamiliar with the 16:9 ratio, allow us to explain. If the LED wall you’re looking to create will be used to stream and display videos, it’s especially important to keep this ratio in mind. The 16:9 ratio is the format all standard videos are displayed in. If you want to create a design or wall that has custom dimensions outside of 16:9, keep in mind, all of your videos, graphics, and display pieces will need to have custom sizes to fit on the screen.

What this really boils down to is how content is displayed. Anything outside of the 16:9 ratio will need to be custom formatted or else it may stretch or get cut off on the screen. Although this doesn’t mean all projects need to follow this 16:9 ratio, it’s important to consider how you plan to utilize your screens and if custom dimensions are doable for items you want to share on the screens.

3. Installation and Design preferences

The design, goals, and needs of your project will all influence the final cost of your project. Although custom sizing doesn’t necessarily make the cost of a project more, understanding how custom sizes influence the user experience is really important.

The installation of your project will also influence the final cost. Our products can be hung, ground supported, or mounted directly to a wall. Whatever the design aesthetic you’re looking for, these options are available.

4. Viewing Distance

Have you ever driven past an electronic billboard at night and saw an advertisement or graphic? From 50 feet away, the image looks great! But if you were to walk up 5 feet from a billboard and try to read it, the pixels in the screen become extremely blurry and hard to make out. This is called the viewing distance. With LED walls, pitch pixel and viewing distance is an important factor in designing your project.

For most LED walls or panels, the pixel size is a standard 3.9 mm. This means that the pixels within the screen are 3.9 millimeters from one another. This screen size is great for viewing from 10-15 feet away from the screen. Much like the billboard, when you look at the screens from a closer distance, the content begins to get pixelated and blurry.

3.9 mm LED screens are the best value in the market currently. When you choose a pixel pitch smaller than 3.9, the cost of the project becomes considerably more expensive. For viewing distances less than 5 feet and dimensions smaller than 100 inches, we encourage our customers to look into a TV.

Our team of experts is more than happy to help organizations find the right size, dimensions, viewing distance, and overall design for their vision with LEDs.

And if you have reservations about purchasing a technology that is always changing, Refresh has in place a trade-in buy-back program for people like you. If the cost of the technology changes in the next few years, we offer past clients the opportunity to find a new home for their current panels and upgrade their space to the newer technology. For more information on this program, feel free to contact our team.

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