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Our Curved LED Screens 

With the right LED panel, you can easily enhance your space. At Refresh LED, you'll discover high-value products designed to transform your business, church or organization. 

Traditional vs. Curved LED Screens

LED walls continue to advance and deliver sharper, richer visuals than ever before. Screens can range from small sizes for indoor use to expansive sizes for outdoor concerts or conferences. While these screens are more sleek and compact overall, they can have their limitations when trying to deliver an immersive experience.

This is because the bigger the LED screen, the more risk you run of unintentionally distorting the image. Viewers aren't able to equally take in all parts of the screen at once. When they focus on the center of the screen, the outer portions can become more distorted. This reason is why curved LED displays can be a wise investment for bigger LED applications.

Transform the Viewing Experience With Curved LED Panels

With curved LED panels, you will receive access to premier cutting edge technology. No matter the screen size, a curved display can deliver an optimal visual effect. These panels seamlessly bend around corners and deliver a crisp look. No matter where your viewers are standing, the image won't be distorted — even when viewed from an angle.

Because of the way they're designed, curved panels also add depth. Viewers will be drawn in and feel more connected to the audio and visuals. The screen will, in a sense, wrap around them, delivering more of an immersive experience. The increased depth can make it much easier to create a 3D effect. Compared to a flat screen, there is increased perception, which contributes to the 3D look.

Curved LED displays are also just as versatile as traditional square screens. Use them in small or large spaces and indoors or out to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience.

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Why Choose Refresh LED?

Here at Refresh LED, our “People First” motto directs all that we do. We are committed to seeing that you receive the products and support needed to bring your display vision to life. During an in-person, phone or email consultation, we'll learn more about your vision, timeline and budget. With free design mock-ups and proposals, we make it simple to envision exactly how the panels would look in your space.

With support every step of the way, integrating your new curved LED panels is easier than ever. With your order, you'll receive an on-site training session. One of our skilled LED technicians will come out and explain everything from general integration to maintenance. You'll even receive post-installation support and technical assistance that's available 7 days per week.

You'll also receive a “Backstage Pass,” which includes our 3-year warranty. You can count on us to stand behind our products and services, delivering the answers and assistance you need.

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Wondering if a curved LED video wall is right for you? Our team of professionals is here to guide you through the process. Reach out today to learn more and receive a free quote.

Diamond Panel

Our Diamond Panel is our featured panel. With a wide range of pixel pitch options, applications range from indoor to outdoor uses. This panel delivers the ability to be ground supported, flown, or directly mounted to a wall. Whether you’re a church, venue, or business, this panel will serve you for years to come.

Mobile LED Trailer

Designed to deliver enhanced audience engagement, our Refresh LED Trailers make for a perfect fit to any event. Equipped with Refresh Outdoor 3.9mm Panels, speakers and onboard power, these units are built to go anywhere. Ideal for concerts, corporate events, rallies, parties, game nights, and more!

LED Wall Customer FAQ

What does the proposal include?

The proposal will speak lay out the product specs, dimensions, and overall information that any tech director would need to know.

Will I get a mock-up to review?

We also design a custom mock-up to give a glimpse into the “look” of the design.

Can I get a cost breakdown?

We lay out each itemized item with a total project cost.

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