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Control rooms are responsible for critical tasks, ranging from security operations to emergency response. No matter what industry your organization is a part of, one of the most important elements in your control room is the display screen. You rely on it for delivering and displaying the visual images that keep your organization operating as it should.

At Refresh LED, our team of professionals will make sure you find the right control room display for your space. Your mission-critical environment will be equipped with a high-value system that helps you get the job done.

Set Your Business up for Success With a Control Room LED Wall

When your business relies on a control room, you know that accessing and viewing data is important to your daily operations. Whether you're involved in command and dispatch or transportation, your display keeps your business running. After all, you need to be able to access information quickly and clearly so you can respond to incidents in a timely manner. 

These factors are why you need the right control room video wall to successfully carry out your operations. Having a versatile and reliable system allows you to function as efficiently and effectively as you can.

Why You Need a Control Room Video Wall

Unlike other types of screens, an LED wall will enhance your visual experience. These displays can deliver more vivid colors and sharper images. No matter what kind of data you'll be viewing, having a high-resolution display will ensure everything stands out.

LED screens also offer exceptional clarity, which especially makes interpreting data easier. You'll be able to see all of the details in maps or data charts more clearly, increasing accuracy when it's needed most.

An LED video wall will also provide you with unbeatable reliability. System or screen downtime can affect your ability to perform and respond to situations. When you are involved in security or safety tasks, knowing you have a reliable system offers peace of mind.

Benefits of Working With Refresh LED

One of the first things you'll notice about working with our team of professionals is our “People First” motto. No matter your vision or goals, we value what you are trying to achieve and will work with you from start to finish to ensure you are satisfied. 

During your consultation, which can take place in person, over the phone or by email, we'll learn more about your needs, like your timeline and budget. You'll receive free design mock-ups so you can review and envision how your screen would look in your control room. 

Along with your on-site training session after our installation, you'll also have access to technical assistance available 7 days/week and receive our “Backstage Pass," which includes our 3-year warranty. With the support of our team, integrating your new LED wall is easier than ever. 

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LED Wall Customer FAQ

What does the proposal include?

The proposal will speak lay out the product specs, dimensions, and overall information that any tech director would need to know.

Will I get a mock-up to review?

We also design a custom mock-up to give a glimpse into the “look” of the design.

Can I get a cost breakdown?

We lay out each itemized item with a total project cost.

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