Why LED?

Why Choose Refresh LED Walls?

LED wall technology provides a huge impact in any space.
There are many advantages of choosing an LED wall for your next event or install over traditional projection screens.

Ambient Light

Ambient light is a HUGE factor limiting traditional projection setups. Often times, you have to have little to no ambient light in your event space in order to have your content able to be seen. This makes outdoor screens nearly impossible to use.


The longevity of LED walls is also much longer than projection screens, with an average lifespan of over 100,000 hours! Depending on how often you use the wall, you could end up getting 10-15+ years of use.

Creative Options

Our LED panels are modular and give you the ability to change are your LED wall designs. No longer are you stuck with one look, LED panels open the doors to creativity.

Easy Servicing

Our LED panels are designed for quick and easy servicing. Should something go wrong, quickly and easy replace the part with no tools needed.

LED Benefits FAQ

What are LED video walls?

Through the years of technical innovation, LED walls were made to replace the old technology of projection setups. Now, you no longer need to worry about projector lamps going bad, selecting the right lenses, or trying to calculate the proper distance of projector placement. LED walls help bring vivid clarity and detail of visual content to larger-than-life displays. LED walls are perfect for houses of worship, outdoor festivals and events, and corporate settings.

What is the turn-around time once an order is placed?
Do we handle the installations?
What type of installation should I consider?
Do you rent LED Video Walls?
What does post-installation servicing look like?
Do we offer financing?

Yes, we offer great financing options to meet each clients’ needs. We work closely with Hampton Ridge Financial to offer our clients competitive leasing and traditional finance options.

Can I add more panels to my system down the road?
Will my LED wall look good on camera?
Do you offer on-site demos?
What warranty options do you have?

Refresh LED Benefits

3-Year Warranty

We stand by our products and services. Whether you’re a church, a business, or a venue, you’re going to benefit from a 3-year Refresh LED Warranty, which covers all of your equipment. From repairs and redesigns, to general technology related questions, all of our clients receive the same quality guaranteed warranty and benefits.

On-Site Training

Every order comes with a detailed on-site training session from a skilled LED technician. Panel maintenance, servicing procedures, general integration, and any other questions you may have are covered in the training. Our goal is to equip every client with the tools and knowledge they need to leverage their new LED Wall system.

Personal Support

Every stage within our process comes with an assigned LED pro to guide you through your options. From the consultation phase to the installation phase and past our post-installation, your dedicated Refresh LED professional will be ready to help. Rest assured you have easy access to our team at all times to answer your questions and support your vision.

In Stock Inventory

With 2000 panels in stock at any time Refresh LED is positioned to deliver quick turnarounds for your projects. With fresh inventory ready to go, your vision doesn't need to wait months on end. When you call our team is ready to prep, pack and ship your LED panels.

On-Demand Support

We can highlight the client support portal that you made for us.

Financing Available

From leasing to traditional third-party financing, we offer a variety of convenient payment options which provide path toward making your LED vision a reality. For select clients, we also offer custom in-house financing options. Let's do this!

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