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We Are a Faith-Based Company

We understand how big of a decision it can be to purchase an LED Wall. As a faith-based company, we’re made up of worship leaders, ministers, and those serving in ministry at our churches every weekend. Our mission at Refresh LED Displays is to serve our clients with the utmost care, ensuring excellence and integrity in everything we do. We strive to offer our clients the right product at a fair price while delivering extraordinary customer service. We’re now part of your team. What’s important to YOU is now important to us.

We look forward to working with you!

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People First

Refresh LED was birthed out of the idea that enhancing your space should be a refreshing process. Our team is made up of audio/video professionals who are passionate about serving and resourcing our clients beyond what’s expected. We’ve heard and seen, first-hand, the headaches that some companies can create for clients when going through an equipment upgrade process. When you interact with anyone from our team, you’ll quickly learn that our “People First” motto is truly our priority. We value relationships beyond the sale and appreciate the person over the product.

Simple Process

Our process is simple. We start with your vision and design a plan that fits your vision, budget, and timeline. From a personally crafted proposal to a clear and simple agreement, you’ll be sure to establish a strong trust in our team and our process. Once a contract is made, our dedicated team of project managers will over take care of the rest. From manufacturing, shipping, and installation, you will experience a stress-free process with clear communication, over-the-top service, and on-time deliveries.

After the video wall is installed, we then assign you to a dedicated service manager to ensure your success with our equipment. With technical assistance available 7 days/week, you’ll have our team of experts available at your fingertips. Post-sale service is genuinely where we shine. Reconfiguring your video wall? Call us, and we’ll assist you. Having issues during a rehearsal? Call our help desk number for immediate assistance.

Help Desk: (833) 775-3787 | 7 Days/Week

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Why Refresh LED?

Refresh LED is very proud to serve our many clients across the United States. Whether your displaying your screens in darkeness or a brightly lit space, you'll be impressed with the vivid color and brightness of the images on our screens. Plus, the graphic resources are a huge help for content creation.

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