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Josh Dominguez

Owner / Founder / CEO

The Dominguez Family

Josh Dominguez

Owner / Founder

Josh Dominguez is the owner and founder of Refresh LED and is heavily involved in the hands-on operations of the day-to-day work. Josh graduated from Central Bible College where he studied Worship Leadership. After graduation, Josh felt called to the church as a Youth Pastor and Worship Leader in New York. While there, he was introduced to the world of production and eventually moved to the West Coast to pursue a career in the field. After years of learning the ropes and mastering his skills, Josh recognized a need for Refresh LED to serve the East Coast and eventually expand internationally.

Today, Josh lives on the East Coast with his wife and five children. He loves working with clients whom he can help to empower and bring their visions to life. Josh loves providing opportunities for those he works with, flexing his creative brain, and empowering others to utilize their talents in ways they may not have recognized before.

Seth Shaffer

Chief Operating Officer

Ronny Soutner

Head of Project Management

Josh Lundy

CTO, Training, R&D

Bryan Gabner

Vision Team Coordinator, Sales

Matt Hench

Warehouse Manager, Content Specialist

Jason Geiling

LED Technician, Lead Content Director

Tammy Hurley-Stott

HR Manager

Tim Abildness

Affiliate Relations Manager, Sales

Jennifer Oseen

Executive Assistant

Shane Brady

Client Support Manager

Zak Shanafelter

Advanced LED Technician

Quinn Crossley

Operational Support Assistant

Matt Stare

Assistant to the Support Manager

Andrew Fickel

 LED Technician

Matt Laymon

Vision Team Member

Joe Sipala

LED Technician

Josiah Truitt

Vision Team, Sales

Andrew Hollander

LED Technician

Phil Hall

Vision Team, Sales

Shannon Mann

Accounting Manager

Josh Bixler

Vision Team, Sales

Jon Harris

Vision Team, Sales

Courtney Harris

Client Success Coordinator

Nathanael Barton

LED Technician

Ellerie Krot

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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