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Diamond Panel

Our Diamond Panel is our featured panel. With a wide range of pixel pitch options, applications range from indoor to outdoor uses. This panel delivers the ability to be ground supported, flown, or directly mounted to a wall. Whether you’re a church, venue, or business, this panel will serve you for years to come.

Emerald Panel

Our Emerald panel was designed with end user in mind. With a pixel pitch range from 2.8mm indoor to 6mm outdoor, this panel serves many applications. With the ability to be curved in or out this panel delivers creative design options.

Sapphire Panel

Our Sapphire Panel is made entirely of die-cast aluminum alloy material. With high resolutions ranging from 1.2mm to 4mm, this panel fits perfectly into board rooms, TV studios, retail stores, restaurants, conference centers, and many more applications.

Refresh Poster

The Refresh Poster is designed for mobility and flexibility, making it great for lobbies, waiting rooms, conference centers, classrooms, and more! Wireless phone app control capabilities gives the user an intuitive experience. Hang them, mount them, or tilt them for great viewing.

Refresh LED Benefits

3-Year Warranty

We stand by our products and services. Whether you’re a church, a business, or a venue, you’re going to benefit from a 3-year Refresh LED Warranty, which covers all of your equipment. From repairs and redesigns, to general technology related questions, all of our clients receive the same quality guaranteed warranty and benefits.

On-Site Training

Every order comes with a detailed on-site training session from a skilled LED technician. Panel maintenance, servicing procedures, general integration, and any other questions you may have are covered in the training. Our goal is to equip every client with the tools and knowledge they need to leverage their new LED Wall system.

Personal Support

Every stage within our process comes with an assigned LED pro to guide you through your options. From the consultation phase to the installation phase and past our post-installation, your dedicated Refresh LED professional will be ready to help. Rest assured you have easy access to our team at all times to answer your questions and support your vision.

Affordable Products

With an array of LED panel options to fit any application, our products are priced with you as the end-user in mind. Our multiple finance options allow us to make it as easy as possible for every client to work with Refresh.

24/7 Tech Support

Our technicians and project managers are on standby 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week to engage and troubleshoot any issues you may have. Whether it's equipment, software related or a general AV question we’re here to support your media team.

Financing Available

From leasing to traditional third-party financing, we offer a variety of convenient payment options which provide path toward making your LED vision a reality. For select clients, we also offer custom in-house financing options. Let's do this!

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