LED Walls for Events

Present with Maximum Impact

No matter what kind of event you'll be hosting, grabbing — and keeping — your audience's attention is one of the most important keys to success. Your audience is sure to be drawn to backdrop curtains or backdrop screens featuring rich LED imaging and crisp colors. 

Here at Refresh LED, you'll find various LED backdrop screens available for sale or rent. We'll work with you throughout the entire process to make sure you find the right product at the best price. Your goals are now our goals — and we are fully committed to helping you achieve them. 

Downsides of Traditional Projectors 

You may have considered or even have experience using traditional projectors to promote your brand, messaging or merchandising. 

While this technology can display a wide variety of images, it does have some downsides, especially when used in sunny outdoor settings. You won't be able to achieve as bright of an image or as crisp of a resolution compared to using an LED backdrop wall.

Why Choose Our LED Screens?

When delivering the highest-quality presentation is your goal, you can't go wrong with choosing an LED screen. Whether used in an academic or professional setting, these screens can upgrade your event and make it easier for viewers to see and read the screen in all kinds of lighting. You'll also achieve deeper hues and contrast, making your announcements or presentations richer and more visually appealing.

Your events are a great opportunity to wow your clients with stunning visuals! Our hope is that we can learn about your event and provide you with some unique LED wall options.

Our LED Walls provide an excellent visual impact for all of your event requests, including corporate events, conferences, birthday parties, church events, trade-shows, work-shops, galas, business dinners, VIP events, weddings, seminars and more.

Customer Service Excellence

Within our process, we devote dedicated time on the phone (or in person) to learn about the specific needs for your space.

From the very first conversation all the way to installation, you’ll experience customer service like never before. Our company mission is to always put “people first”. With this perspective, your mission and vision comes before everything.

Learn more about costs as well as other things to consider when making an investment in an LED Wall.

Training Included

Our team of polite LED technicians will thoroughly set-up the video wall(s) on-time and in a safe manner. Our technicians are ready to serve you regardless of the size of your company.

Our pricing includes everything including consultation, delivery, set-up and training.

Looking for a Show-Stopping LED Wall for Your Next Event?

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Event Producer FAQ

What does the proposal include?

The proposal will speak lay out the product specs, dimensions, and overall information that any tech director would need to know.

Will I get a mock-up to review?

We also design a custom mock-up to give a glimpse into the “look” of the design.

Can I get a cost breakdown?

We lay out each itemized item with a total project cost.

Refresh LED Benefits

3-Year Warranty

We stand by our products and services. Whether you’re a church, a business, or a venue, you’re going to benefit from a 3-year Refresh LED Warranty, which covers all of your equipment. From repairs and redesigns, to general technology related questions, all of our clients receive the same quality guaranteed warranty and benefits.

On-Site Training

Every order comes with a detailed on-site training session from a skilled LED technician. Panel maintenance, servicing procedures, general integration, and any other questions you may have are covered in the training. Our goal is to equip every client with the tools and knowledge they need to leverage their new LED Wall system.

Personal Support

Every stage within our process comes with an assigned LED pro to guide you through your options. From the consultation phase to the installation phase and past our post-installation, your dedicated Refresh LED professional will be ready to help. Rest assured you have easy access to our team at all times to answer your questions and support your vision.

In Stock Inventory

With 2000 panels in stock at any time Refresh LED is positioned to deliver quick turnarounds for your projects. With fresh inventory ready to go, your vision doesn't need to wait months on end. When you call our team is ready to prep, pack and ship your LED panels.

On-Demand Support

We can highlight the client support portal that you made for us.

Financing Available

From leasing to traditional third-party financing, we offer a variety of convenient payment options which provide path toward making your LED vision a reality. For select clients, we also offer custom in-house financing options. Let's do this!

Learn How Our LED Screens Can Make All Your Events Unforgettable 

From design to installation, you can count on our team to be with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to our “People First” motto and will do what it takes to make sure you find the LED screen needed to bring your vision to life. No matter what your timeline or budget is, we'll work with you to choose a product and develop a process that best serves you. 

With post-installation support and technical assistance available 7 days/week, you can experience peace of mind knowing our team of experts is here for you. 

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