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How to Solve the Moiré Effect on an LED Screen

How to Solve the Moiré Effect on an LED Screen

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Venturing into vivid LED displays often unveils a visual enigma known as the Moiré effect. It is a puzzling pattern that can obscure the clarity of your content. But we're here to illuminate the path through the Moiré maze and show you how to solve the Moiré effect on an LED screen.

What Is the Moiré Effect?

The LED wall Moiré effect occurs when a camera focuses too intently on the individual pixels of an LED wall, similar to the way cameras pickup the threads in clothing, creating a distracting pattern. This effect becomes particularly noticeable when focusing directly on the video wall.

What Causes Scan Lines?

You might also notice scan lines when there's a discord between the refresh rate of your LED screen and the shutter speed of the camera capturing it. When these rhythms are out of tune, some lines on the display may not light up synchronously, producing bands or distortions. Especially with the rapid shutter speeds of today's mobile phones, these elusive lines often emerge in captured images or videos, although they elude the naked eye.


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How to Avoid the Moiré Pattern in LED Screens

Here is how you can refine your display quality:

  • Camera focus adjustment: The simplest solution is adjusting the camera's focus. By shifting the focus away from the LED wall and onto your subject and increasing the distance between the two, you reduce the Moiré effect. Using a camera lens with a lower aperture (f/1.2 - f/2.4) increases the bokeh, a blurring effect. That allows the subject to remain sharp while subtly blurring the LED background.
  • Haze: Introducing haze into the setting, perhaps using a smoke machine, offers another remedy. The haze, interacting with the lighting, creates numerous particles in the air, aiding the camera in diffusing the sharp focus on the LED screen.
  • Low pass filter (LPF): This filter adds a minor blur to the image, softening the fine details. While the effect on the overall image is subtle, it's particularly effective in removing Moiré patterns.

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