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What Are Digital LED Posters?

What Are Digital LED Posters?

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Displays play an integral part in advertising for special events and programs, whether at church, a university or in a commercial space. Enhance your advertising approach by using digital LED posters to display your messages.

Digital LED posters are standalone screen displays with smart LED features that allow companies or other establishments to present inviting and eye-catching photos, videos or digital poster designs.

How Are They Used?

LED digital posters work like any other LED display but often have more user-friendly features to entice people to stop and look at them. There are two types of digital posters: 

  • Static displays: You can use an LED poster to display static images or to keep a consistent message on the screen.
  • Dynamic displays: A great benefit of digital LED posters is that you can also display dynamic content. You can incorporate moving elements and animations into your digital posters, which will work on the LED display.

With the different types of LED poster designs you can showcase on the displays, the screens can be used in diverse applications, such as:

Digital LED posters are used for different reasons. Display messages that promote new events or products coming out soon. You might also use the screens to show a map so people can find out how to get where they need to be.


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LED Poster Advantages

With the various applications of digital LED posters come several advantages. Benefits include:

  • Versatility: You can make unique content to showcase on the displays. Additionally, you can put the posters outside or inside and still show vibrant colors and clear messages.
  • Moveable: Since LED posters are free-standing, you can move them wherever you need them. They are lightweight and have a built-in frame that provides support so they don't fall.
  • Connectors: LED posters have several buttons and connectors to manage the display's settings and connect other devices. For instance, some digital LED posters may have an audio output you can connect a device to if you want sound to play from the poster.
  • User-friendly: LED posters have simple operating systems that make it easy to adjust and control the media shown on the display.

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LED posters offer a unique advertising approach. When it's time to upgrade your digital displays, consider getting digital LED posters from Refresh LED. Our team works with you to help you get the LED video posters that are right for your needs. Get started with your new LED posters when you request a free quote to learn more about our products today.

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