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Differences Between DIP and SMD LED Chips

Differences Between DIP and SMD LED Chips

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At the focal point of LED technology are the terms DIP and SMD. We at Refresh LED are here to shed light and make your choice easier. These refer to two distinct LED chip technologies that impact visualizations and the performance of LED display applications. As you discover DIP and SMD LED chips, you'll see their unique advantages and power to light up your life.

What Is DIP Technology?

DIP or dual in-line package means LED chips live in a plastic package with two parallel connecting pins. They are the veterans of LEDs, and their traditional build is simplistic but robust. Each LED color — red, green and blue — is a separate diode. That enables DIP LEDs to produce the famous bold and brilliant bright lights. It's a technology well-suited for settings that receive ample natural light. Their high brightness is necessary against direct sunlight.


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What Is SMD Technology?

SMD, or surface-mounted device technology, means modern LED chips are mounted directly onto circuit boards. That creates a compact, streamlined and fluid design from a snug, single package. It renders a broad spectrum of colors, blended smoothly to enhance quality. SMD LEDs are great for various indoor settings due to their viewing angles and color consistency.

What Is the Difference Between SMD and DIP in LEDs?

The core differences between DIP LED versus SMD LED technology lie in the following factors:

  • Design: DIP is a "bullet" or "pill" shape package with two parallel connecting pins. SMD houses three diodes on a single chip.
  • Color blending: With DIP, you find separate LEDs for each primary color. Superior due to the proximity of diodes, SMD enables smooth color transitions.
  • Application suitability: Robust DIP is ideal outdoors, like in signage. SMD suits indoor applications like LED displays and electronics.
  • Brightness: DIP has high brightness levels with 4 lumens per LED, suitable for daylight visibility. SMD has enhanced efficiency with 50 to 100 lumens.
  • Use setting: DIP is your go-to for big and bright outdoor displays. SMD's finesse fits best in indoor installations.

Moving from conventional projection to modern LED technology is a worthwhile leap. It makes for better engagement, clearer communication and deeper connections.

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