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6 New Ways Event Venues Can Leverage LED Walls

6 New Ways Event Venues Can Leverage LED Walls

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As an event venue, top of the line technology and show-stopping productions is key to keeping your customers…

coming back for other events. If you’re an event venue that currently utilizes an LED wall, panels, or other products, how do you use them? Maybe for broadcasting live performers or for showcasing other upcoming events. To ensure you get the most out of your technology, here are six new ways to leverage your LED wall or panels at your event venue this year.

1. Promote your sponsors

If you work with sponsors and offer some type of incentive package, sharing their logos on your LED wall prior to or after an event is an easy way to add additional value to their partnership. It provides sponsors with brand awareness by showcasing their logos, can be customized to allow each sponsor to share a message or quick video to your audience, and they will be introduced to new individuals who may not already be familiar with their products or services.

2. Share social media posts

Have you ever been to an event where the venue promotes a special hashtag and shares audience submissions who utilize that hashtag? We love this strategy for engaging your audience and getting them excited to interact with your organization. The best part? They have a chance to see themselves up on the big screen!

3. Run a contest

Much like a unique hashtag, contests get your audience excited to interact and can oftentimes take little to no additional effort or planning on your end. Simply give away a product you have extra of or tickets to an upcoming event through a social media giveaway, game on your LED wall, or other option.

4. Share behind the scenes photos

In our social media-centric world, audiences and users oftentimes want to see the real, behind the scenes photos. Snap a few images of your event set up, performer warming up, or areas of the venue most individuals don’t get to access to engage your audience and get them excited for what’s to come.

5. Broadcast FAQs customers may need answers to

On a more practical note, answers to FAQs on your LED wall is a great way to streamline customer service questions and get ahead of the curve. At events, if you always have individuals asking where to buy products or how to sign up for your newsletters, broadcast the answers for everyone. Some people may not even know these options exist and can easily be displayed on secondary panels and walls.

6. Display your floorplan with highlighted areas

In addition to FAQs, floorplans are another great broadcasting opportunity. Display your venue’s floorplan with specific indications of places such as restrooms, a help desk, concession stands, and more! Much like FAQs, the floorplans can be displayed on secondary panels and walls, not necessarily your main stage.

We’d love to hear what other ways you’re utilizing your LED wall in your venue. We love engaging audience members, promoting brands, and getting as much use out of your technology as possible. We challenge you to try one of these ways to use your wall at an upcoming event. If you do, we’d love to hear how it works for you!

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