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Why Every School Needs LED Video Walls In The 2022-2023 School Year

Why Every School Needs LED Video Walls In The 2022-2023 School Year

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With the new school year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to evaluate what tools your college or university...

plans to leverage this year – and what might be missing. You may be behind the game if your school doesn’t already utilize LED technology. 

With new technology constantly evolving and competition between institutions continually rising, it’s essential to leverage LED walls and products for your students, prospects, parents, stakeholders, and community members. 

Unsure of if an LED video wall is needed on your campus or not? The short answer: it is. But we’re sharing more about why you should consider a video wall for the 2022-2023 school year (And the best part? It’s not too late to get one). 

Engage With Your Students

In today’s higher education market, LED walls are no longer a nice to have but a need to have. Today’s students are engaged with high resolution content everywhere they go – from their phones, to HD TV’s, to venues and arenas. On-campus LED technology supports students, faculty, and visitors in all different ways – providing them with need-to-know information and directions around campus or posting the latest sports scores, local weather, emergency announcements, and more. 

The world of digital media allows schools to provide their community with information and engage with them at every touchpoint. So not only should you be posting information on your website, social media accounts, and through alerts, but you should also be giving your audience information that is right in front of them – literally. 

Large-scale LED displays and video walls are the perfect way to boost your college or university’s modern visual appeal and attract the students, educators, and alums you welcome to campus. 

Welcome Your Visitors With Open Arms (And Screens) 

Video walls are a streamlined solution for visitors coming to your campus for the first time. With LED walls, digital navigations and visitor information can be clearly displayed, and in many cases, even interactive, in stunning, large-scale, high-quality videos. 

Recruit new students before they even check in at admissions or the student center with a presentation they will want to come back to. Your video wall can be programmed with personalized greetings for tour groups, prospective students, and their families. For today’s digital natives, this could decide between your college and the competition.

Increase Awareness At Sport Events and Gatherings

LED walls aren’t just used to win the attention of your community around campus; they can also be used to win over the audience on your playing fields. Athletic departments and sports teams support a significant aspect of recruitment, enrollment, and student life for many colleges and universities. 

With video walls and products used at sporting events, schools can easily communicate with these audiences about anything and everything – from the sporting event itself, including scores, players, and statics, to information about upcoming events, social media contests, facility hours, and more. 

LED walls also increase the overall fan experience of an event. And that can be the deciding factor in attending your school for a visitor touring for the first time. Take advantage of pre-game performances, half-time shows, and more, all broadcast on large screens, and provide engaging content for the event in your stadium's ‘worst’ seat. 

Enrich Academic Life

LED displays and video walls can also be used to enrich academic life on campus. Educators and faculty can use LED displays to interact with students in classrooms and provide engaging new ways to learn. Remote communication can also benefit greatly from LED products and offer elevated experiences to those tuning in from satellite locations. 

Start Planning For Your LED Walls Today

The future is increasingly connected on and off campus, and schools all across the country are understanding the importance of leveraging this technology. Modern learners want seamless transitions from their personal devices to the world around them, so don’t let the opportunity to capture their attention pass you. 

There is good news for schools needing LED technology for the 2022-2023 school year: it’s not too late to get started! Get a free quote today from the team at Refresh LED and learn more about the ways we serve our higher-education partners

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