5 Reasons For Churches To Plan For An Led Wall In 2021

5 Reasons For Churches To Plan For An Led Wall In 2021

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If your congregation doesn’t already utilize LED products in your space, 2021 is the year to jump on board.

LED walls have so many advantages and are an investment that will continue to benefit your members in many ways.

Even throughout the craziness of 2020, LED walls offered innovative solutions to churches that switched from in-person to live-streamed sermons. These products adapted to the times and proved to be an asset to these organizations.

If an LED wall isn’t already in your budget for 2021, now is the time to get one. And for those who are still on the fence about purchasing one for your space, we’re sharing 5 reasons why this is the year to do it.

1. Financing options make LED walls affordable to budget for.

If your church isn’t in the position to purchase an LED wall up-front, financing options are now a reality for many organizations. Like our financing options at Refresh, you can now calculate what you can afford to pay each month and finance the rest.

2. They are easier to view than projectors or other options.

Whether your community is physically at your location for church each week or still tuning in from their homes, churchgoers will be back in person in the future.

LED walls are great because they can be utilized remotely for live-streaming or backdrops but are also an asset to your sanctuary. Those sitting in the furthest seats away can still read along in scripture or follow song lyrics on the screens.

3. They last for many years.

Unlike projects and other short-term solutions, LED walls last for many years. Even as the technology progresses, your church has options to trade in older products for the newest options.

If you come across any support needs, our team can help you there, too. Rest assured your LED products will last a long time and will be easy to manage with our support team’s help.

4. The cost of ownership over the product’s lifetime can save you money.

LED walls are an investment that quickly pays for itself. Throughout your product’s lifetime, you begin actually saving money on energy bills. LEDs consume 40%-50% less energy than projectors, and we know electric bills for churches can stack up quickly.

5. Have peace of mind, even in the unknown.

While 2020 was full of unknowns, you can have peace of mind knowing your LED products can tackle even the most challenging years. With financing options supporting your bank account and LED walls giving you the flexibility you need to perform services in person or from a distance, we see 2021 as the year to invest in your products.

If you have other questions about LED products, financing, or how a wall may work for your space, our team is happy to help. Contact our team to start the conversation today!

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