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Guide to Pixel Pitch for LED Walls

Guide to Pixel Pitch for LED Walls

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If you're thinking about installing an LED wall in your office or venue space, your choice of pixel pitch is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Choosing the right option requires understanding what pixel pitch means, why it's essential and what you should consider when making your decision. 



What Is Pixel Pitch? 

Sometimes referred to as dot pitch, pixel pitch is the center-to-center distance between each LED pixel, measured in millimeters. This value represents the pixel density in a given area, often falling between 1 mm and 40 mm, and is written in the form of "P[mm]. So, a screen with a pitch of five would be written as P5. 

The higher the number, the greater the pixel pitch, meaning there will be more space between each pixel. Higher pitch makes an LED wall better for long-distance viewing situations like digital billboards or concert signage. A lower number means less distance between pixels, resulting in higher pixel density and greater resolution. 


an led screen with increased pixel pitch extends the viewing distance


Why Is Your Pixel Pitch Important?

Pixel pitch is an essential purchasing consideration because it affects a viewer's experience with your content. Smaller pixel pitch configurations provide better resolution, yielding smooth borders and fine details when viewers stand closer to the screen. An LED screen with increased pixel pitch extends the viewing distance, meaning the audience must stand farther away to enjoy a crisp picture. 

This value also affects what you can expect to pay to create and install your LED wall. Lower pitches often come at a higher price since they require expensive materials and complex manufacturing processes. Higher pitches decrease overall costs but run the risk of being outdated quicker, lower pixel pitches could help "future proof" your LED wall protecting you from rapid technology growth. 



What to Consider With Your LED Wall

Aside from meeting the needs of your content resolution and budget, the biggest factor to consider when choosing your LED wall's pixel pitch is the optimal viewing distance (OVD). OVD is the distance where the individual pixels are indistinguishable from one another, providing viewers with a clear, cohesive image. 

Different pitches are best for different viewing experiences. Where a finer resolution excels in closer settings like a classroom, smaller-pitch LED screens are not neccary  at a greater vexing distance, costing you more than necessary to create a sharp picture. Larger pitches are ideal for digital billboards or stadium screens, but they will look unappealing up close. 

The pitch you need will depend on how far away your audience sits or stands to view your content. This information will help you make the best decision for your performance and budgetary requirements. 


Invest in an LED Wall With the Perfect Pixel Pitch

If you're ready to start your project or have more questions about which pixel pitch is right for you, feel free to request a free quote or contact our team to learn more. 

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