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Why You Should Never Choose The Lowest Priced Quote

Why You Should Never Choose The Lowest Priced Quote

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Gathering LED Wall quotes can be a strenuous process in itself. Once you receive your quotes, how do you...

choose which to decide on? We’re here to lay out exactly why choosing the lowest priced quote is never a good idea.  

Let me lead off with asking you a simple question.

Let’s say you’re shopping for a new car. Would you make your final car decision based on the cheapest priced vehicle? Most likely not. You’re going to consider miles per gallon, warranty, safety ratings, storage, passenger seating, and THEN you’ll consider cost. 

At the end of the day you’re going to ensure this vehicle meets the personal needs that your life presents.

Purchasing an LED Wall is very similar. Most panels are rated for 50,000-100,000 hours, meaning you’ll have this product for a very long time! Knowing this, it is highly recommended to get what is going to serve you best for the long term and not just your immediate need. Because we have been in the industry for so many years and have worked with hundreds of clients all over the US, we know a thing or two about quote, pricing, and feautres. We're sharing why you should never make your final decision based on the lowest priced LED wall quote. 

1.) Cheap Components

The LED wall system is priced very low because the company selling it has intentionally decided to use the cheapest possible components in order to make an LED panel. Components such as unsafe power supply units, non UL rated power inputs, blue to blue power connectors, low end receiving cards, low gauge power cables and cheap spring lock connecting ports are probably in their products.  

In addition, the processor (controller) that comes with the package is a low-end processor that is difficult to use and requires an external laptop to operate. Most of these companies count on the fact that you don’t know what you’re reading when looking at their quote.  

2.) Lack of Support 

The lowest priced companies are great at one thing: selling LED Panels. In some cases, they have 1-3 people on their team and require very low overhead costs. They are experts at marketing and promotion. Having lured so many with low prices listed on their website and “churchy” package names, they count on volume alone. In the end, they’re selling you a cheap end product and a support system that is not designed to serve you in the long term. 

Do your research and ask detailed questions about what support looks like. In our experience, these companies might promote a 2-3 year warranty. In reality, any servicing a customer might need down the road is then passed on to the overseas factory to resolve. This is a headache for the buyer, having to deal with time differences, language barriers, and long turn around times. 

When buying an LED Wall, support is part of the package that you are purchasing. So many companies focus on just the equipment itself, but we're here to tell you that you’d be selling yourself short by not having a company you trust to fully support your organization after the installation. 

3.) Installation Concerns

When you’re purchasing an LED Wall Package that, in most cases, weighs over 1 ton, it is HIGHLY recommended that you choose a company that can come out and install it themselves. By doing this, you’ll ensure the video wall is installed correctly, safely, and that the company can address any trouble shooting on-site. If the quote does not include installation, then you should ask yourself if they’re worth working with. 

In addition, does the company you choose specialize in installations? Or are they primarily a sales company that invited their unemployed cousins to come help out on your install project? Installing a LED video wall system is a highly skilled task that should be done by professionals who are not only competent but are insured to do so. Hanging a 1 ton product over peoples' heads should be done with precision and expert knowledge given the safety concerns. 

Choose The Right Quote For Your Needs

You’ve heard it said before: you always get what you pay for. This rule stands true in the LED Wall Market. Don’t be allured by the cheapest priced LED wall package. Instead, consider your long term vision, long term goals, and which company you’d really want to come alongside you in the journey. If you're in the market for an LED wall, get a free quote from Refresh LED today!

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