4 Ways To Make This Year’s Christmas Service Extra Special

Whether your congregation already has your Christmas service planned or not, we’re sharing some simple ways to make your service extra special this year. Some members may be attending the service in person while many will be tuning in from their homes.

Are you incorporating these ideas into your Christmas service? If not, we encourage you to explore how these 4 ideas may work for you!

1. Host A Fun Christmas Poll On Social Media

Get everyone involved! Members of your church don’t need to be in person for the Christmas service or traveling to participate. Ask a fun poll on your Facebook or Instagram page asking about a favorite Christmas movie, hymn, or another survey.

2. Use Christmas Motion Backgrounds for live streaming

Graphics and backdrops are a great way to make worship team’s songs more engaging. Try using motion graphics that not only look good but complement the overall theme of your service. Consider how the motions you select align with your songs and the feelings of each.

3. Share Some Holiday Tastes And Smells

For those who are attending church in person, this may be a no brainer. But for church members staying home this year, try sharing a special recipe on your social media or send out an email to your congregation to try from home.

4. Utilize An Exciting Christmas Playlist

Music is an easy way to unify everyone! Wherever members of the church may be, they can all be listening to the same tunes together. You can save this list to play during the service or create a special playlist to share with your community on Spotify or Apple Music.

Happy holidays from your friends at Refresh!

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