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LED Wall Design: Facet vs. Curved

LED Wall Design: Facet vs. Curved

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Think of a time when you stared out at the horizon. Maybe it was a picturesque mountainscape or the vast...

ocean at the beach. When you have a view in front of you that captures all angles, the feeling of truly being there and being immersed in the space is unlike others. 

Curve panels create that same immersive experience when it comes to LED walls. The flexible LED modules capture more than just video imagery in front of you. Instead, curved screens take peripheral vision into account, bending and curving around views to figuratively take those watching there. These screens have become increasingly popular in corporate settings, including broadcast, boardrooms, and control room environments. 

Faceting Flat Cabinets

While curved panels can create a fantastic viewing experience, they come with a more premium price tag. There is another solution though, that isn’t quite as expensive but that can deliver a similarly immersive experience. This solution is faceting flat cabinets. 

Faceting, meaning placing rigid LED modules beside one another at slightly different angles, can form a lovely curved effect. Of course, too much faceting can negatively impact the view, but this is an excellent alternative to pricey curved panels when done correctly. 

Why does curve radius matter? 

Because of the configuration of red, green, and blue (RGB) diodes, our eyes perceive LED displays differently, depending on our viewing angle. As a result, we experience a “color shift” when viewing the video wall from different positions. The entire video wall may appear redder from one side and more blue from the other. Have you ever experienced this? 

This is the main reason why we can’t use the same LED cabinets for both landscape and portrait orientation. Color shift becomes much more evident when the LED cabinet-to-cabinet angle increases. This accentuates the seams between columns of LED cabinets for a less desirable viewer experience.

Finding the right solution for you

For some businesses and organizations, curved panels or faceting flat cabinets is a wonderful solution that enhances their customers’ viewing experience. For others, an immersive experience isn’t necessary. Unsure which solution is right for you? Our experts are here to help! 

To learn more about curved and faceted LED video walls, contact the team at Refresh LED. We can help you understand your options, consider your budget, and find the perfect solution for your needs. 

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