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3 Reasons To Rent A Mobile LED Wall

3 Reasons To Rent A Mobile LED Wall

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It is no secret that LED walls make a significant impact for organizations and businesses of all sizes, whether...

you're using them to watch a sporting event, displaying live video broadcast at a concert, or using them in any other capacity. They offer viewable content for everyone at a gathering or event, making each person feel more connected to the action and allowing guests to experience the content displayed.

But what if you only need an LED wall for a one-time-use or weekend event? If you're not in the market to purchase your own wall (or simply don't need one), renting mobile LED walls is now the answer to your problem.

Refresh LED's high resolution Mobile LED Screens can be used for a variety of events and occasions. Customers often choose video wall rentals because of the ease of use, the flexibility, the high resolution screen, and the amazing brightness. Why else choose a mobile rental for your event? We're sharing three key benefits!

Why rent a mobile LED wall? We have some reasons for you!

Save money and only pay for what you need.

We understand that LED walls are an investment. For some businesses and organizations, purchasing an LED wall to keep in-house makes a ton of sense. But for others, they may not use an LED wall frequently enough to make it a worthwhile investment. When that's the case, renting a mobile LED wall can offer the perfect solution. This option allows organizations to only pay for the technology and products when they need them. Special events, trade shows, and milestones are great occassions for renting an LED wall. 

Save time and enjoy quick turnarounds.

In addition to saving money, you can also save time by choosing to rent a mobile LED wall. Don't sweat the setup, installation, or breakdown of any products. Simply leave that all up to the experts and sit back and relax. You can also rent LED walls with quick turnaround times, so even if you need it next week, Refresh LED has a ton of availability with rentals. 

'Wow!' your guests with an immersive experience. 

If your guests have never seen or used an LED wall before, there is no doubt the experience will wow them. Not only are LED walls great for larger gatherings to ensure visibility for all guests, but they can also be wonderful centerpieces at events such as graduations, races, sporting events, and watch parties. 

Rent With Refresh LED 

Our Refresh Mobile LED Trailers are ready to serve you in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Whether you're planning a tailgate party at Petco Park in San Diego or a Fashion Show in the heart of Los Angeles, these trailers are ready for your special event. Contact our team today to learn more about LED rental options and how to get started. 

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