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How Much Does an LED Video Wall Cost? 

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LED wall displays range in price depending on their size, panel quality, installation type and pixel size. In general, the cost for an LED video panel is between $600 and $3,000. 

Most LED video wall systems consist of several panels plus additional components like audio and processing equipment, which adds to the final cost. Turn-key LED video wall systems can cost anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000+.

LED walls are a huge asset for businesses, venues, churches, or other organizations that host frequent events. If you’re considering purchasing LED products for your space, you may be wondering what the pricing will look like and how to budget for the cost. Keep reading to learn about the four factors that influence LED video wall cost.

1. Product Sizes

It’s probably unsurprising that the size of your LED products’ screens will influence the cost of your project. If you’re unsure what size you need in the space, reach out to an LED company and see what they recommend. The best screen or panel size for you depends on the size of your room or venue and the number of seats in that space. You should also consider your organization’s goals and needs to help you find the perfect products.  

Most panels we use for clients are 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft and can be “built” together in many designs and layouts. Some projects utilize these panels for design, while others build a larger screen. There is no limit to the creativity you can have with your LED panels. If it fits in your space, we can help you create it. Some clients opt for 40 ft X 60 ft, while others prefer 5 ft X 8 ft or choose a different custom size.

For screens under 100 inches, we often encourage customers to incorporate televisions in their design. When it comes to TVs and LED video wall cost, pricing and value for the technology directly correlate. TV screens under 100 inches are generally cheaper than LED panels. The price jumps drastically for TV screens over 100 inches, and at that point LED panels are a more cost-effective technology.

2. LED Panel Quality 

The quality of your product is a major factor in its overall price. If your LED Wall quote seems extremely low, you should ask yourself why. Equipment that works well for years to come will likely fall in the mid-to-high price range. 

Here is a short list of components and features that could impact LED wall prices. 

  1. Refresh Rate: Refresh rates matter with LED panels, especially if you do any sort of broadcasting or online live streaming. Standard Panels come in refresh rates of 1920hz. Upgraded Panels come in refresh rates of 3800hz or higher, thus giving you a greater quality image when being seen online or TV. 
  2. Receiving Card: To put it simply, this multi-function card is the overall control system of the LED panel. This collects and transfers data to the LED screen. A poor-quality card or a high-end receiving card will undoubtedly determine the output quality of your LED Wall. Our recommendation is a Novastar A5S card or higher.
  3. Serviceability: Can your LED Panels be serviced entirely from the front? If so, then your modules, power supply unit, receiving card, and HUB board should all be accessible from the front side of the LED wall. This is an important feature for future servicing and maintenance. 
  4. Lifespan: How many hours is your LED panel rated for? Most panels are rated for at least 50,000-100,000 hours. The higher the rating, the higher the price point. 
  5. Added Features: Manufacturers can add what we call “bells & whistles” features to LED panels. These special features include rear display screens, temperature gauges, corner protectors, detachable cabinet doors, latches, and extra handles.

3. Installation and Design Preferences 

The design, goals, and needs of your project will all influence the final cost. Although custom sizing doesn’t necessarily increase the cost of a project, it could. Understanding how custom sizes affect the user experience is really important. If you’re unsure what sizing or dimensions you need, we recommend engaging with an organization like Refresh LED that can offer insight. 

The installation of your project will also factor into the final cost. Our LED products can be hung, ground supported, or mounted directly to a wall. Whatever the design aesthetic you’re looking for, these options are available, and prices can vary for each. 

4. Viewing Distance 

Have you ever driven past an electronic billboard at night and seen an advertisement or graphic? From 50 feet away, the image looks great! But if you were to walk up 5 feet from a billboard and try to read it, the pixels in the screen become extremely blurry and hard to make out. This is called the viewing distance. With LED walls, pixel size and viewing distance are important in designing your project. 

The pixel size for most LED walls or panels is a standard 3.9 mm. This means that the pixels within the screen are 3.9 millimeters from one another. This screen size is great for viewing from 10-15 feet away from the screen. Much like the billboard, when you look at the screens from a closer distance, the content begins to get pixelated and blurry.  While in person events were on hault however, 2.9mm became a necessity for many projects due to live streaming and recording becoming so prominent. Cameras interact with screens in many different ways, if a pixel pitch is to big for exmaple, you might see scan lines or a moray effect. If live streaming or recording is an imporant factor for you then we recommend a 2.9mm pixel pitch or lower.

3.9 mm and 2.9 mm LED screens are the best value in the market currently. When you choose a pixel pitch smaller than 2.9, the project's cost becomes considerably more expensive. For viewing distances less than 5 feet and dimensions smaller than 100 inches, we encourage our customers to look into a TV.  


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