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Refresh LED partners with national banks and lenders to offer the best in class lending options. From 30, 60 and 72 month finance options, we create a custom finance plan that works for you. 

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Financing for your Church

Equipment leasing and Equipment Financing provides several benefits to churches. Our goal at Refresh LED is to provide you with options that will help you grow and keep your cash reserves. Our FAQ’s below will help explain how a lease works, the process, and why this is a great opportunity for your church.


Yes. We offer many different types of leases and finance contracts. At the end of the term you own the equipment for as little as $0. In some cases, there may be a small end of contract fee, usually under $100. If you desire a Fair Market Value contract, please let your representative know and they will discuss options and end of contract with you, prior to signing any contracts.

Yes. Most of our lending partners will allow you to bundle other financeable items needed by your business. Be sure to let your representative know you have other equipment you would like to finance

Upfront costs can vary based on credit and term. Typically, the amount due upfront is 1st and last payment and the lenders small, onetime documentation fee. Contracts will be customized to your needs and can be as little as $0 upfront, if approved.

No. With equipment leasing, the lender does not take other equipment or property as collateral. The only collateral required is the equipment you’re looking to finance. Unlike a traditional bank loan, you will not need to offer property or other equipment to secure the lease/finance contract

There are different criteria needed for different situations. Please be sure to call us and discuss your individual needs so we can customize financing that best fits your budget and needs.

Typically, the first payment will be due 30 days after the contract commences

Most contracts will require sales tax. Sales tax can be billed on the payment stream or upfront in the contract. If you’re sales tax exempt, please be sure to discuss this with your representative.

You are required to keep the equipment insured from damage, theft or total destruction. If you do not provide insurance, the lender will add insurance and bill you monthly. If the financed equipment is damaged, stolen or lost, you would make a claim with the insurance company covering the equipment. Policy limits and deductibles will vary by policies.

In some cases, no. Leases are a type of contract that require all contractual payments to be completed. We do offer programs that allow contracts to be paid off after the first year for principle only. There are many factors and custom offerings, please be sure to let your representative know you have interest in paying off the contract prior to the end of the contract.


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