LED Screen Displays for Museums

Design a museum LED screen display with Refresh LED. We build custom LED walls and screens that display high-definition images and video. From your guest information area to each exhibit in the museum, our LED screens improve numerous parts of the visitor experience.

Museum LED Walls

A profound museum exhibit needs tools that support even the most captivating artifacts. Museum LED displays provide information in ways that engage visitors on a deeper level than static or unlit ones. Use our screens as a part of your exhibits to provide information or add interactive elements that transport guests. 

LED screens also enhance the overall guest experience at your museum. Your displays can provide information that helps them enjoy their time today and plan a future visit. Our LED screens can show prices in ticket booths, direct guests toward exhibits and restrooms, advertise upcoming exhibits or list menu items at the cafe.

We also have LED screens for outdoor use. Install screens outside of the museum to rotate advertisements about your museum and exhibits. With brilliant colors and precise lines, LED display screens will catch eyes and encourage new guests to visit.  

Ways to Use LED Walls in a Museum

We can customize your LED display to use in any context in your museum, like:

  • Display exhibit information 
  • Enhance exhibits with audio-visual elements 
  • Create a digital exhibit
  • Provide virtual maps
  • Show prices at the ticket kiosk
  • Offer translations and interpretation 
  • Rotate advertisements from exhibit sponsors
  • Support presentations and other live events
  • Add ambient lighting 

LED Display Screens From Refresh LED

At Refresh LED, we design screens that convey the images and messages you want visitors to see. Our displays enhance museum exhibits by showing images with vibrant colors and strong lines. They also integrate with sound systems to facilitate a full audio-visual experience in any exhibit. From HD to 4K and indoor to outdoor, you can find a Refresh LED display for any situation.

Choose from our top LED display options when curating exhibits: 

  • Diamond Panel
  • Mobile LED Trailers
  • Sapphire Panel
  • Refresh Poster
  • Curved LED 

Why Choose Our Museum LED Screens?

Our LED displays for museums feature expertly crafted electronics that produce excellent video quality. We also invest heavily in the control options available with our displays to ensure user-friendly operation. 

Control is a core element of our displays, so we offer customizable options so you can implement our LED screens in a way that accomplishes your goals. Our collaborative design process gets you a configuration fit for the job. We also provide post-installation support to ensure your interactive exhibits and information centers have functional digital elements at all times. 

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Benefits of LED Displays for Museums

Using LED screens to enhance exhibits and display important guest information can benefit your museum. 

  • Elevate the guest experience
  • Build the museum's reputation 
  • Drive admission and return visits
  • Increase revenue through admission and advertisements 

Our Services

Refresh LED is your partner through every phase of creating interactive displays for your museum: 

  1. Consultation
  2. Design
  3. Installation
  4. On-site training 
  5. Maintenance
  6. Reconfiguration 

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Our screens and walls will transform your museum into a modern hub with captivating imagery. For more information on our LED displays, request a quote online today.

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What does the proposal include?

The proposal will speak lay out the product specs, dimensions, and overall information that any tech director would need to know.

Will I get a mock-up to review?

We also design a custom mock-up to give a glimpse into the “look” of the design.

Can I get a cost breakdown?

We lay out each itemized item with a total project cost.

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