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Josh Dominguez


Josh Dominguez is the owner and founder of Refresh LED and is heavily involved in the hands-on operations of the day-to-day work. Josh graduated from Central Bible College where he studied Worship Leadership. After graduation, Josh felt called to the church as a Youth Pastor and Worship Leader in New York. While there, he was introduced to the world of production and eventually moved to the West Coast to pursue a career in the field. After years of learning the ropes and mastering his skills, Josh recognized a need for Refresh LED to serve the East Coast and eventually expand internationally.

Today, Josh lives on the East Coast with his wife and four children, with one more on the way. He loves working with clients whom he can help to empower and bring their visions to life. Josh loves providing opportunities for those he works with, flexing his creative brain, and empowering others to utilize their talents in ways they may not have recognized before.

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Josh Bixler

Business Development Manager

Josh Bixler is the Business Development Manager at Refresh LED and leads the team’s sales and customer service operations. Josh joined Refresh with over 15 years of experience in sales when his lifelong friend Josh Dominguez asked him to join the team. Josh has a heart for serving people and brings unique perspectives to Refresh as a men’s ministry leader and longtime consultant. As a consultant, Josh worked closely with clients to understand their needs and offer valuable business solutions, not just transactions to make a sale. Josh highly values client relationships and serving people through Refresh LED.

Josh currently lives on the East Coast with his wife and five kids. He has his certification from NovaStar and places a huge focus on quality communication with clients. Josh has a strong work ethic and ensures every job is done correctly, on time, and at a quality level.

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Seth Shaffer

Project Manager

Seth Shaffer is the Project Manager at Refresh LED, and you can count on connecting with him throughout your entire project from start to finish. Seth is a friendly face you can look forward to working with, from installation and training to project completion. He is extremely organized and has a keen eye for details.

After graduating high school, Seth joined the air force as a part-time guardsman while attending physical therapy assistant school (PTA). In 2014, Seth was deployed to Afghanistan and took a Physical Therapy position when he returned home. After a few short years in the field, his friends Josh Dominguez and Josh Bixler reached out to him to join the team, and the rest is history.

Seth lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. He loves working with his team and supporting their vision while capturing client visions and helping make them a reality. Seth will always love working directly with the customers and being a part of every single project.