Our Process

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We are the people you will see on install day.

We are the experts in the details and specifications.

We are the designers.

There is no middle-man so you can trust the product from conception to completion – and the support for years to come!

three simple steps

We begin every LED Wall project with a relationship-focused mindset in our initial consultation. This could be over the phone, in person or through email communication. Our goal is to learn what your end vision is for your space and hone in on what makes your needs unique. Regardless of the budget, size of project, or timeline, we’re going to give every person the same dedicated attention.

Our team of LED professionals will produce a few designed mock-ups with a close ratio of what the LED Wall System could look like in your space. We will then design a custom-made proposal that lays out the entire project from start to finish. Each LED Wall proposal comes with mock-ups, spec sheets, line itemization, and an all-in project cost.

Upon making a decision to work with us, every client is assigned a dedicated project manager to assist in preparing for the LED Wall Installation. In most cases, the LED Wall turn-around time frame is expected in 4-8 weeks. Within those weeks, we work closely with each client to ensure a successful LED Wall implementation.

After the installation process is complete, every client is then assigned a dedicated service manager. This is your main point of contact for any service issues, questions, or problems. With 24/7 tech support and on the spot servicing, our personalized post-installation care package is what truly sets us apart.

Refresh LED Benefits

3-Year Warranty

Whether you’re a church, business, or venue, you’re going to benefit from a 3-year Refresh LED warranty on your all of your equipment. From repairs and redesigns, to general tech related questions, all of our clients gets the same quality guaranteed warranty and benefits.

On-Site Training

Every order comes with a detailed on-site training sessions from a skilled LED technician. Panel maintenance, servicing procedures, general integration, and any other questions you may have are covered in every training session. Our goal is to equip every client with the tools and training they need to utilize and leverage their new LED Wall system.

Personal Support

Every stage within our process comes with an assigned company professional to lead and guide you through options and help you find what’s best for your needs. From the consultation phase to the installation phase and past our post-installation, your dedicated professional from our team will be here to help. Rest assured you have easy access to our team at all times to answer your questions and support your vision.

Affordable Products

With an array of LED panel options to fit any application, our products are priced with you as the end-user in mind. Our multiple finance options allow us to make it as easy as possible for every client to work with Refresh.

24/7 Tech Support

Our technicians and project managers are on standby 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to answer any troubleshooting issues that you may have. Whether its equipment related, software related or a general AV question we’re here to be a part of your media team.

Financing Available

From leasing to traditional third-party financing options, we offer a variety of financing routes all at your disposal to select from. For select clients, we offer custom in-house financing options.

We have designed and installed video LED walls for churches across the country – all denominations, setups, and sizes.

Indoor or outdoor events – we have done them all! We include on-site consultations and can make your event unforgettable!

Wait till you see some or venue setups – and hear about our flexible financing and simple install process.