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Rent Mobile LED Walls In San Diego and Los Angeles

Rent Mobile LED Walls In San Diego and Los Angeles

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For events, tailgates, festivals, parties, and more, having a large screen to display content or stream video is...

a great way to entertain guests and share information. But what do you do if that’s not an option for you? Refresh LED is thrilled to share our newest division, mobile LED walls for rent in the San Diego and Los Angeles area. Take your next event to the next level! 

Rent a Mobile LED Screen, Truck, or Trailer

Refresh LED’s high resolution mobile LED screen can be used for a variety of events and occasions. Our products are easy to use, offer flexibility for many different needs, and are high-resolution with an amazing brightness. Within 30 minutes of arrival, we can have our mobile LED trailer set-up with your content loaded and all ready to go! 

Mobile LED Trailer Equipment

Our mobile trailers come equipped with a 10ft x 16ft 3.9mm outdoor video wall for your use and enjoyment. Our LED screens feature a 6000 NIT brightness, which allows for perfect viewing during any time of the day or night. Each trailer also has the unique ability to rotate 360 degrees to fit any placement needs. 

Additionally, our trailers are completely self-sufficient, equipped with a quiet generator and a self powered hydraulic lift to adjust your screen for any viewing needs. They come equipped with loudspeakers, and our Novastar video controller boasts SDI, HDMI, VGA, and VGI connections to perfectly display any type of content. 

LED Screens For Every Event

We work with individuals and businesses to support events of all sizes, both indoor or outdoor. Unsure if your event could benefit from a screen? Here are the types of events we commonly work on!

  • Tailgates - Put the big game on the big screen and celebrate your favorite team in style
  • Concerts - Give every member of the crowd a front row view with our concert LED screens
  • Marathons, 5k's, and other races - Display sponsors, race results, event happenings, camera feeds and more
  • Golf Events - Display scoreboards, sponsors, and more
  • Fairs & Festivals - Take any fair or festival to the next level
  • Religious Events - Share your message and create immersive experiences with worship LED screens
  • Trade Shows - Stand apart from other trade show exhibitors
  • Watch Parties - Drive-Ins, TV debuts, watch parties, sporting events, and more
  • Fundraisers - Encourage donations, display sponsor signage and maximize your funds raised
  • Parades - Display roadside display signage or drive the display down the street as part of the show
  • Graduation - Display camera feeds, student slides, and more to enhance your graduation ceremony
  • Marches & Rallies - Get your message across loud and proud with outdoor screens for activism events

Who We Serve & Where We Serve

Our Refresh Mobile LED Trailers are ready to serve the San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas areas. Whether you're planning a tailgate party at Petco Park in San Diego or a Fashion Show in the heart of Los Angeles, these trailers are ready to support your event and wow your guests.

Rent your LED Wall Today!

Interested in securing an LED wall for your next event or outting? Refresh would love to help! Complete the form here to get started or contact our team with any other questions. 

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