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The difference between LED brokers, manufacturers, and how Refresh fits into the mix

The difference between LED brokers, manufacturers, and how Refresh fits into the mix

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Who should you work with?

When it comes to LED products, there is no denying the variety of choices available. With so many LED “sellers,”…

quotes can vary greatly depending on who you talk to. How do you know what’s actually a good deal and what should you look for in those quotes?

Refresh is breaking down the difference between brokers and manufacturers so you can better understand why your prices look the way they do and what you’re actually paying for.

LED Brokers

When you first start vetting LED companies for walls, screens, and other products, you may interact with LED brokers. Though it can be difficult to identify what companies are what type of seller, you can generally identify brokers based on their quotes.

When you receive a quote or estimate from an LED broker, prices tend to be the cheapest option. The pricing can vary greatly from broker to manufacturer, because brokers simply sell you the product – and not much else.

Take a good look over your estimate and check to see if any of the following items are included:

  1. Ongoing customer service
  2. Tech support and troubleshooting
  3. Easy to access contact information

For many, these items will not be included. Brokers can manage to sell products at a significantly discounted rate compared to other sellers because they don’t have the infrastructure to support you or other clients after the sale – meaning this is often a side job for those individuals. If you have a full-time tech team within your organization, this may not be a deal-breaker, but support is a massive part of the investment many businesses are looking for. Additionally, many brokers’ customer service teams are based overseas, making it difficult to get in touch with them due to time differences and sometimes language barriers.

The breakdown

Pros: Brokers offer less expensive quotes.

Cons: Little to no customer service or support is provided after the sale.

LED Manufacturers

Simply put, LED manufacturers know their stuff. These are the teams that actually build the products, from conception to final version. These manufacturers work full-time in the industry and are experts at training and troubleshooting because they’re the ones building the technologies.

While bells and whistles can be great, understanding how to use them and get the most of your purchase is key. And with manufacturers, that’s not always the case. Unless your team is full of tech-savvy experts who talk the same talk, the user-friendliness of these products may be a learning curve.

Compared to brokers, manufacturers are much more expensive, with some quotes coming in at as much triple the price.

The breakdown

Pros: Manufacturers offer exceptional quality products and have a team of experts to help on an ongoing basis.

Cons: These products can be very expensive and aren’t always the most user-friendly.

Refresh LED

So where does Refresh fit into the mix? We like to think we give our customers the best of both worlds. While our pricing is very competitive as a direct wholesaler and an amazing value for the technology you get, we also place a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction – and even have a customer support team built into all sales.

We have a say in our products and a pulse on our customers which helps us keep the technology user-friendly and intuitive while also staying cutting edge. We also offer trade-in programs to help our customers stay up to date with the latest technology without breaking their budgets.

Our team is also all involved in the church, so we like to think we’re just like you. We use these products outside of work in real-life applications every week and understand the struggles and solutions churches look for in LED products

Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting a quote from our team, we would love to learn more about your organization and specific needs. Contact our team today to get started or ask us other questions about brokers, manufacturers, what to look for in quotes, and more!

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