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LED Panel Buying Guide: What is the best option for me?

LED Panel Buying Guide: What is the best option for me?

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With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming deciding on one type of panel for your application.

It’s almost like buying a car. All cars have their basic functions, which is the ability to get us from A to B. LED Panels are similar in that each display images at their respective resolution, or pixel pitch. Below is a list of questions to answer that’ll help you narrow down the exact features that you’ll want in your LED panel purchase.

When making the decision on which panel to purchase. There are 3 key actions to consider:


This is one of the biggest mistakes end-users make when deciding on what panel to purchase. Just like cars, not all options are created equal. If someone offered you a car for $500, you’d automatically wonder what’s wrong with it. If you are offered an amazing deal on panels, there’s always a reason for it. Here specific items that will affect the price, one way or the other:

  • What is the refresh rate of the panel? A good refresh rate is 3840hz), which will help eliminate refresh lines when broadcasting or streaming on video. Generally, lower refresh rate panels are cheaper.
  • Inner components made of cooper leads or Gold leads? Obviously gold lasts longer and thus will be more expensive.
  • Is the panel curve able? Panels with this feature will add to the per panel cost.
  • Is the panel front serviceable? This is a feature you may want to ensure you have.
  • Are there any protective features on the panel?


Some of our clients like to have the flexibility to change up their stage design every few months. If you’re someone who likes to see change often and knows that your audience looks for a visual change every few months, you may want to ensure that your video wall can easily be dismounted and re-configured. Our team of technicians is always available to help with the re-designs of video mapping. Some panels are designed for more permanent applications, and others are specifically called “rental panels” because of their durability.


When making an LED Wall purchase, you’ll most likely have these panels for 5+ years. Should you need spare parts, or maintenance you will want to ensure that you have back-end support in place to help you troubleshoot. It’s very important that your company of choice offers a sufficient equipment warranty. The industry standard is a 2-year warranty for your panels. I recommend working with a company that handles repairs in-house rather than them having to send all your repairs overseas, thus adding to a very long turn around time.

If you have other questions about what types of LED panels to purchase, feel free to reach out! All of us at Refresh LED are happy to answer your questions and help you decide what option is best for your needs.

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