How To Leverage Pro Church Tools For Your Organization

How To Leverage Pro Church Tools For Your Organization

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For all of our church friends, we always recommend capitalizing on the resources available to you that make life…

easier – especially the ones that are free! While there are a handful of tools your church may want to consider using, we wanted to share one of our favorites with you: Pro Church Tools!

What is Pro Church Tools?

For church leaders who wear many hats, Pro Church Tools offers a variety of free tools and resources to help get all of your jobs done. Pro Church Tools is a website that offers free tools, courses, podcasts, and other content for churches to gain new skills and to be noticed by prospective members.

With Pro Church Tools, churches can discover different ways of engaging their congregation, especially the younger and more mobile generation. Pro Church Tools helps churches tell their stories with videos, interesting social media posts, email promotions, and more.

What free resources do they offer?

Leverage the power of Pro Church Tools through their endless free resources that help churches better communicate with their congretation and prospective audiences. Whatever your learning style, you can find videos, audios, and written training material to help your church forward its marketing efforts. Free resources include videos and trainings, a podcast, playlists, blogs, and more.
Start Harnessing PCT today!

So how can your church start leveraging these tools? Explore their website and figure out what tools make the most sense for you. If you love audios, check out their podcast! For church leaders who are more visual, their tool check of videos and blogs may be more your speed.

You can search for specific keywords on their website to find resources for your unique needs. From social media and marketing to reaching new (and often younger) prospective audiences, Pro Church Tools can support all of your needs.

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