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5 Ways to Utilize Your LED Wall You Haven’t Thought of Yet

5 Ways to Utilize Your LED Wall You Haven’t Thought of Yet

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When you make the switch to an LED wall, you may wonder how to best leverage this amazing new tool within…

your organization or business. In addition to your regular broadcasts, events, or shows, we have a few tips and tricks on ways to utilize your LED wall that you may not have considered yet.

1. Leverage it for marketing

LED walls are a great tool to use when it comes to marketing. If your business or organization partner with other businesses or sponsors for events, fundraisers, or in other avenues, your LED wall is a great added bonus you can market to these organizations. Simply create a slide show, stream it on your LED wall before or after an event, and allow your guests to see exactly who sponsors or supports your organization. You can also list this as an added bonus in sponsorship packages!

2. Host a summer movie series

We love the idea of connecting your community and providing family-friendly events that may introduce new individuals to your organization or mission. If it’s doable in your company, try hosting a summer movie series or video showing on the big screens. This is a great way to utilize your LED walls outside of your normal usage times, bring in new people to your building, and unite your community in a fun way.

3. Promote upcoming events and news

Before or after your regular show or event, your LED walls can be used to promote upcoming events or news your audience would find valuable. Share upcoming events, ways to get involved in your community, and other news that isn’t too wordy or hard to read. Be sure to leave enough time between your promotional slides that people can easily read the information and jot down important details before moving on to the next one.

4. Decorate for the holidays

LED walls can even be used for decoration. If you don’t want to promote things happening within your organization, try using the wall as a form of decoration. Try streaming a video of a fireplace during the winter, displaying an image of a Christmas tree if you don’t already have one in your space, or showcasing a pumpkin patch to celebrate Halloween. The options are endless!

5. Feature art and graphics

Much like decorating for the holidays, your LED walls can be used to exhibit art or be “hidden” as a featured display. Have you ever visited a friends’ home and complimented the art above their mantle? Little did you realize, the art was actually a TV displaying a piece of art. Much like the television, your LED wall can be leveraged as an artistic asset to your building.

Have other unique ideas for how to utilize your LED wall? We’d love to hear! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and leverage your new technology for uses beyond live streaming. After all, your investment in your LED wall can and should be an entire game-changer for your organization or business.

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