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Church Stage Design Ideas Shares The Right Way To Design A Stage

Church Stage Design Ideas Shares The Right Way To Design A Stage

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With Jonathan Malm...

When I first started stage design, I wanted to build huge towers in our room and use environmental projection on them. Unfortunately, our room had a ton of natural light and LED wall technology was crazy expensive back then. So I opted for large pieces of spandex stretched over steel frames and shined lights on them. It wasn’t a bad look, and through that stage design, I started a site called where I began sharing tons of ways to build out a stage.

If I were to do that same stage design now, though, I probably would do it with LED panels. It would be so much easier and much more versatile.

The thing, though, that would still make that a challenge is this: LED panels are only as good as the media you put on them.

We all love LED screens because they fill our stage with light and visuals. They take up a ton of real estate in the room. Because of that, you should be super intentional about the visuals you put up there. Here are some key tips to help you get the most from the visuals of your screen.


Colors create an emotional landscape for your audience. Harsh reds feel intense and heavy. They’re great for moments when you’re singing about the blood of Jesus or the weight of the cross. Blues feel more peaceful. Purples feel more royal. Yellows and oranges feel exciting. Then the combo of those colors can do even more.

Choose graphics and videos whose colors reinforce the emotions of each segment of your service. It’s not just enough to know what information is being spread at the time, but you need to know the atmosphere you’re trying to create during those moments.


Typefaces also carry their own emotional component. Pick fonts that reinforce the moment, but also make sure they’re legible. Be aware of the speed at which you want people to take in the information, whether bodies will be covering particular parts of the screens at certain times, and how large the fonts should be to be seen by the further-most seats in your room. Choose legibility over emotional impact if it ever comes down to that decision.


Depending on how large your screens are, you need to be really aware of this. I remember, one time I was choosing visuals for a conference that had massive, wall-sized screens. I tried using fast-moving media for the screens, and it made a lot of people in the room dizzy. Don’t go too fast with your visuals.

LED walls are hugely versatile, but you just have to be intentional about how you use them. Focus on a good use of color, font, and speed/rhythm, and you can do some amazing things on your stage.

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A big thank you to our guest blog writer, Jonathan Malm. Jonathan runs SundaySocial (social media graphics for churches) and He is an author and his new book, The Come Back Culture: 10 Business Practices That Create Lifelong Customers, is now available. Learn more and grab your copy here!

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