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Case Study: The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Case Study: The Brooklyn Tabernacle

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Brooklyn, New York

 Pastor Jim and Carol Cymbala were newly married in 1971 and quickly launched into ministry despite their lack of formal training. While pastoring in New Jersey, they were asked to also take on a small, struggling church on the verge of closing down in Brooklyn, NY. The church had a handful of members, who met in a rundown building. Pastor Cymbala found himself on the verge of giving up and desperately cried out to God for a breakthrough. 

God clearly revealed that the church was to be built on the foundation of prayer, and this would be the source of the blessing and breakthrough that were needed. God was faithful to bless the small congregation as they witnessed him answer prayer, move powerfully in their meetings, and add to their congregation with testimonies of miraculous life transformation.

Today, The Brooklyn Tabernacle is still in the heart of downtown Brooklyn and is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational church with about 10,000 people who attend services each week. The church’s reputation for amazing choral performances and the beautiful, historic building where the congregation gathers are also widely known to many across the country. 

Connecting With Refresh LED

The team at The Brooklyn Tabernacle felt the need to revamp their space in early 2022. After months of changes due to the pandemic and a new approach to live-streaming services, the leadership team knew they needed a better way to display their content and engage with audiences - both in person and online. Going from a 100+ person choir to a scaled back 15 member ensemble emphasized the stage gaps and need for redesign. 

Michael Archibald, AV Director of the church, found Refresh LED on Instagram and immediately felt like the partnership was a good fit. Their team had a vision and Refresh had the products, skills and expertise to bring it to life. 

The Design

The congregation gathers in a beautiful 17th century building that was once home to the Carlton Theatre at 292 Flatbush Avenue at 7th Avenue. The space boasts beautiful architectural design and unique features, all of which Refresh wanted to emphasize and not take away from. 

The team created an LED wall design consisting of staggered panels that filled the space and gave a 3-D effect in person. The design captures both the charm of the building with the practicality of the congregation’s needs. 

The Final Product

After only a few short weeks, Refresh was ready to install the church’s new 60 ft by 13 ft LED wall in their main sanctuary. A 3.9mm Diamond panel was installed with a combination of ground supporting video walls and ceiling hung panels. 

Refresh also spent time with the church’s AV team, integrating their software, ProVideoPlayer (PVP) and training them on how to work the new system. 

Refresh LED’s goal is always to provide clients with an unforgettable experience and The Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation experienced just that. 


Hear more from AV Director, Michael Archibald!

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