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Are LED Walls Really Worth The Hype?

Are LED Walls Really Worth The Hype?

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Are you looking for a solution to entertain your guests, provide easy to acccess information for customers, ...

or incorporate a new and exciting technology into your organization? If any of those desires sound familiar, LED walls can be a perfect solution to address all three - and more! LED walls are a great investment for businesses, churches, and event venues to catch customers' eyes and share content in a beautiful, interactive way.

Whether you need a single LED display for a small space or multiple displays to create a large-scale immersive experience, LED video walls deliver display solutions that are scalable, bright, high-performing, and flexible. If you're unsure of how LED products can work for you, we're breaking down everything you'll want to know. Are LED walls really worth the hype? We think so. But we'll let you decide for yourself! 

What is a video wall?

A video wall is a group of video displays tiled together to create a single, large display surface. Video walls come in all shapes and sizes depending on the individual screens you go with, the size of the space you have for the wall, and your budget. The LED products also include the hardware and software that enable the screens to work together seamlessly, acquire dynamic and static content, and control when and where content appears on the wall. Whatever content you're wanting to share, LED walls can enhance your customers' experience and easily share important information. 

Benefits of using LED video walls

1. Engage your audiences

When you create content that is designed for your LED wall's specific size, the experience your customers will have can completely transform your orgnaization. LED walls are high resolution, and the displays are bright with few limitations that other solutions would when it comes to presenting content. Whatever information you're wanting to share on your LED walls, know that it won't be missed. 

2. Create a dynamic experience 

 While walls of all shapes and sizes can be created, many customers choose to go with traditional screen sizes so that content can easily be created without custom dimensions. When you choose a pre-set LED wall or screen size, turnaround time gets reduced drastically and you won't have to worry about custom pricing for unique designs or dimensions. 

3. Share your content in new ways

Video walls can also be used in other ways for businesses, churches, and other organizations. Businesses can use video walls to displaying compelling content in a new and unique way. Forget about old walll-mounted displays used to share information, data dashboards, or business results around the office. You LED wall will allow you to display that information in fresh, inviting new ways. Churches often use LED walls to display music lyrics, teachings, welcome greetings, news, and more. Share text, videos, photos, and motion graphics.

LED walls can also be used in various locations, from entryways and waiting rooms to naves, offices, and board rooms. 

LED Video Walls vs. Traditional Projectors

Stuck between a video wall and a traditional projector? We understand how this can be a toss-up. While LED products are an investment into your organization, the benefits of their use far outweigh traditional projects. How so? Here are a few comparisons:

1. LED video walls are brighter than projectors. 

When comparing LED video walls to traditional projectors, LED video walls quickly distinguish themselves as the superior choice. Why? Video walls tend to be much brighter than projectors and are visible even in daylight or direct sun. Projects often compete with other light sources and can be hard to view if lights aren't low enough. 

2. LED video walls last longer than projectors.

Projector bulbs lose brightness over time and the performance can't compare to that of LED technology. Many lose up to 30 percent of their original brightness within the first year alone. However, a video wall’s LED construction ensures that you have a crisp, bright, and precise image for years without losing brightness or image quality.

3. LED video walls deliver superior performance over projectors.

Projectors utilize external devices to share content and display the information you want to share. When it comes to sharing multiple content streams with projectors, this can become very challenging without multiple projects or experts who understand their complex operations. In contrast, video walls have a video controller built into each display and can quickly be learned by anyone interested in understanding their power. Video wall controllers can easily manage multiple streams of content, letting you create dynamic presentations and switch from one content type to another. Simply put, projectors can't compete with LED walls' flexibility to power. 

4. LED video walls require less maintenance than projectors.

Video walls do require more time and effort to install initially than projectors. However, once installed they require much less maintenance. For example, the average projector bulb lasts 2,500 hours, while a video wall will last up to 100,000 hours. This means a video wall would last for the equivalent of 40 projector bulbs.

Worth the hype?

All in all, video walls deliver superior performance, quality, brightness, longevity and are an excellent investment for any business or organization. We absolutely believe led walls are an investment that is worth the hype and continually benefits businesses. Are you ready to present your message in a whole new way? Contact Refresh LED today! Our experts are here to answer your questions, provide you with estimates, and more. 

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