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5 Reasons Why Your College or University Should Invest In An LED Wall

5 Reasons Why Your College or University Should Invest In An LED Wall

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As a college or university, connecting with people is a huge part of what you do. From recruitment and student...

retention to communicating clearly with staff, students, and other stakeholders, it is no surprise that communication is key in all areas of operations. 

If your college or university doesn’t already utilize LED technology and products, this year is the year to start using them! LED walls are a great way to communicate all kinds of information, from directions during road detours and student spotlights to live broadcasting graduation ceremonies. With video content being the most engaging and highest converting, LED walls are a no-brainer for many organizations - including schools! 

Why should your institution invest in an LED wall this year? We’re sharing 5 reasons to consider your next steps today! 

1. Make an impact on visitors 

LED walls add huge visual interest to any space, whether they’re placed outside around your campus or set up in communal areas with directions and information visits may want to know. When visitors can view information on easy-to-read, engaging signage, it makes an impact. Long gone are the days of poster boards and taped up fliers. Impress your school’s visitors from the moment they set foot on your campus. 

2. Invest in your athletics 

LED walls at athletic fields and facilities are a great way to share information and engage spectators. Not only are they wonderful on scoreboards and for instant-replays, but LED walls can also be used in locker rooms, lobbies, and other open areas. For those watching sports in seats that may not be the best to view the main action, consider installing an LED panel so everyone can easily see the main events! 

3. Share public need-to-know information 

In the age of covid and public health crisis, sharing need-to-know information fast is crucial. Use LED walls to quickly and easily share information including instructions, mandates, emergency orders, and more. LED walls can grab peoples’ attention and relay information to everyone in an area quickly. 

4. Celebrate your school’s victories 

From academic awards to sports wins and more, LED walls are a great way to celebrate the exciting things happening at your school. You can have fun with the content and designs you share, keeping everything on-brand and cohesive for your students and school. This is another great way to call attention to those in your community doing great things, too! 

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5. Level up your advertising campaigns 

We know that as a school, funding is a top priority. Whatever advertising campaigns you’re running, your new LED walls can be an asset to pushing out their information. In addition to sharing current campaigns, you can also leverage LED walls in your own advertising proposals, too. Have sponsors funding an upcoming event? Include in their package specific promotion on the LED wall. 

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The team at Refresh LED has worked on countless college and university projects. With products currently in stock and ready to install, we can work around your timelines and ensure you get exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more! 

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