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5 Factors That Influence The Price of LED Walls

5 Factors That Influence The Price of LED Walls

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Led Walls offer a variety of benefits for many different kinds of business and organizations, from churches and ...

event venues to corporate offices, trade shows, and more. If your organization is considering investing in an LED wall or other LED product, congratulations! We know your new technology will enhance your customers' experiences and add a new interactive element to what you do. 

But when it comes to finding the right LED provider to work with, understanding quotes and pricing breakdowns is important. Are you getting a good value for your purchase or is a quote you receive overpriced? While every manufacturer or broker is different, there are some items you can consider that do influence the price of LED walls. If you haven't already thought through what products and features your business is wanting, now is the perfect time to review these factors and conclude what items make it to your nonnegotiables list. 

1. Display Size 

As you choose a larger LED screen size, you can expect the cost of your quote to go up, as well. If you're looking for multiple panels to complete your display, each additional panel will also add to the find cost. Like many products, the larger you go, the more expensive it gets. 

2. Resolution 

Resolution really boils down to pixel pitch. This means that smaller pixel pitches provide a clearer image. Depending on how you plan to use your LED wall, this may or may not make a big difference to you. For example, an LED display on a billboard that is seen from further away doesn't need a small pixel pitch. In that case, you don't want the image to be super clear close up - you want it to be clear from further away. For businesses utilizing LED walls in an office space or other close enviornment, a small pixel pitch can be necessary for visual clarity. 

3. Configuration 

Much like the display size, the more complete your screen confirguration, the more you can expect to pay. From multiple screens to custom sizing, these factors will play into the cost of your LED wall. Keep in mind, if multiple screens aren't in your current budget, you can always start with one and add more to the display down the line. 

4. Mounting Requirements

Depending on how you wish to configure your panels, you may need custom mounts which are more expensive than stardard installations. Where do you want your wall to be displayed? For some businesses, it is necessary to hang LED panels directly on a wall. For others, LED panels with kick stands meet their needs and avoid custom mounting costs. One other consideration is how much you will want to move your LED wall. If you plan to utilize your panels in mutliple spaces or move them around, custom mounting won't be neccessary. 

5. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Where your video wall is located also impacts the pricing of your products. Generally speaking, outdoor displays usually require more complex installation and also need specific features that will help them withstand weather and other ourdoor elements. As you can imagine, this also means outdoor displays usually cost a bit more than ones used indoors. If you're looking for a solution that does both, this is also an option you can discuss with a team like Refresh. 

Detemining Price

Now that you know what features you need, you should have a better sense of pricing. Remember that LED manufacturers often offer products are higher costs but build in more support and knowledge of the products while LED brokers may appear cheaper but offer little to no ongoing training or support. If you're looking for the best of both worlds, Refresh LED brings the knowledge and support of a manufacturer with an affordable cost much like a broker. We also offer finaincing for those needing some support with their investment. 

Have other questions? Our team would love to help answer them for you! Contact us today to learn more about our products, pricing breakdowns, warranties, and more. 

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