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5 Common Questions About LED Products Answered

5 Common Questions About LED Products Answered

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We get a lot of questions about our LED products, and we get why: the industry can be challenging to navigate...

as an outsider. Is this quote fair? Should I be asking other questions? Are these people I want to build a longtime relationship with? 

We’re answering five of our most frequently asked questions that you want to know. And if you have other questions, be sure to drop us a line! 

How much does an LED wall cost? 

While all projects are different and factors like the number of panels, pixel pitch, and panel quality can influence the cost, you can expect costs to start at $20,000-$50,000+ on your LED wall. We always encourage businesses to think of LED walls and products as an investment into the organization, not a bill that needs to be paid. These products can greatly impact and improve your audience experience, communication with the community, and so much more. 

Is financing available for LED products? 

This answer depends on the company you work with, but for Refresh LED, yes! We offer financing options to help make your products more affordable. Financing allows businesses to purchase the products they need without scaling down on the necessities in a manageable way. Projects can then be paid for over a longer period of time instead of all up front. 

Refresh LED partners with national banks and lenders to offer the best in class lending options. Our partners also specialize in helping houses of worship.  With 30, 60 and 72-month finance options, we create a custom finance plan that works for you and your budget. Our process is also simple, and you can apply for financing as soon as today. 

What features influence prices and quotes? 

The cost of your products and services can vary greatly from company to company. First, it’s important to know if you’re working with a reseller, a broker, or another kind of company. Resellers generally offer amazing support and troubleshooting services, but these come at a premium price. Brokers, on the other hand, offer little to no support but their quotes can be tempting to consider. There are also companies like Refresh who sit somewhere in between, offering industry-leading support and amazing custom service with products you can rely on at a reasonable price. 

Other factors that influence quotes can include: 

  1. Product cost and installation details
  2. Spare parts
  3. Warranty if at least 2-3 years
  4. Shipping costs
  5. Training time to learn your new technology
  6. Technical support on an ongoing basis
  7. Dedicated Project Management support through the project duration

Learn more about quotes and sellers in our guide!

How do I know if I’m getting a fair price?

This can be tricky to discern. We recommend getting quotes from a few different companies and taking into consideration more than just the up-front cost. Ask important questions including: 

  1. Does this quote cover spare parts? 
  2. What does your ongoing support and troubleshooting include? Is this an additional cost? 
  3. Does your company include any warranties on my products? 
  4. Do you offer any graphics or marketing material with my purchase?
  5. How does the installation process work? Is my team required to help or set anything up? 
  6. Is training for my staff included in this price?

Asking the right questions can help you get to the right answers. When you compare different LED companies, also consider how they communicate with you, if they are responsive to requests and questions, and check out what others are saying online about their experiences. These items together will help you determine if the value is worth the investment.  

Are rebate programs or trade-in options available?

This is another item that changes from company to company, but for those that do offer this option, you may want to consider what this means for you down the line. While LED products are cutting edge, they are a technology that continues to change and progress. A rebate or trade-in programs means that you can upgrade your products in years to come - a great benefit! Be sure to ask about rebate programs when getting quotes from potential partners. 

And if you’re needing a quote today, you can get a free, instant quote online from your friends at Refresh LED. 

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