Church Stage Design

Church stage designs can have a big impact on how effective you are at drawing in outsiders and keeping churchgoers engaged throughout the sermon. Before a message or sermon series even begins, your stage design will be what individuals notice first when they walk through your doors. 

Because it serves as the first impression, you want to make sure your stage reflects your church. No matter your denomination or church size, Refresh LED has the LED products you need to create a creative and engaging display that lets you reach your goals.

Church Stage Design Ideas

Whether your church is small or large, you want your stage design to stand out. Many churches have held to the same traditional designs for years, which can make it hard to attract — and keep — churchgoers. When there's nothing unique about your building, it can be more challenging to keep members and guests engaged. 

The difficulty with stage designs, though, is that you don't want them to be so involved and ornate that they distract from the sermon. The speaker and what they are saying is the main focus of a service. Achieving that perfect balance and staying within your budget can can require some innovative solutions.

Why Use an LED Display?

With an LED display, you can transform your sermons and overall church experience. These products can seamlessly be incorporated into both large and small church stage designs. Unlike projection equipment, LED displays work well indoors and out. Whether you'll be hosting a church festival, camp or conference outside, you can achieve the same vivid, crisp results. 

These displays are versatile and make it possible to achieve all kinds of effects. You can set up poster displays in your lobby to welcome new guests or use panels and walls to deliver announcements or sermon illustrations. 

Compared to projectors, these displays are also much easier to use and maintain. Your staff will spend less time positioning them and replacing bulbs, all while achieving a much higher quality.

Why Choose Refresh LED?

When you choose Refresh LED, you'll be working with a team that understands your specific needs. We are a faith-based company made up of worship leaders, ministers and individuals serving in ministry. We know what kinds of challenges you may be facing and how you can create a church stage design that allows you to bring your vision to life.

From design up to installation, our team of professionals will be with you every step of the way. We also have a technical support team available 7 days per week to make sure you have access to answers when you need them most. 

Once you've decided which LED product would work best for you, experience peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected with our 3-year warranty. Our “Backstage Pass” applies to everything from redesigns to repairs so you'll be fully covered.

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Diamond Panel

Our Diamond Panel is our featured panel. With a wide range of pixel pitch options, applications range from indoor to outdoor uses. This panel delivers the ability to be ground supported, flown, or directly mounted to a wall. Whether you’re a church, venue, or business, this panel will serve you for years to come.

Mobile LED Trailer

Designed to deliver enhanced audience engagement, our Refresh LED Trailers make for a perfect fit to any event. Equipped with Refresh Outdoor 3.9mm Panels, speakers and onboard power, these units are built to go anywhere. Ideal for concerts, corporate events, rallies, parties, game nights, and more!

LED Wall Customer FAQ

What does the proposal include?

The proposal will speak lay out the product specs, dimensions, and overall information that any tech director would need to know.

Will I get a mock-up to review?

We also design a custom mock-up to give a glimpse into the “look” of the design.

Can I get a cost breakdown?

We lay out each itemized item with a total project cost.

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