What does my quote pricing mean?

As you’re collecting quotes and comparing prices from different providers, you may find a discrepancy in those numbers. And not just a small one. If you’re finding estimates to be completely across the board, it may be because you’re getting quotes from different types of providers: mainly resellers or brokers.

While the price of your products will undoubtedly come into play, understanding what other services are or are not included from the business you end up going with is important.

We are breaking down the pros and cons of working with both types of providers and are explaining where Refresh LED fits into the mix. Grab your notepad and prepare to reexamine those quotes.

So what is a reseller?

A reseller is just what it sounds: an LED company that resells products from manufacturers or other businesses. Generally speaking, resellers need to mark up their pricing significantly to make a profit, usually 30-50%. While these products tend to be a steeper price, their customer service and business structure are very dependable.

Pros: Fantastic quality, supportive infrastructure, in-house technicians, troubleshooting that is easy to understand and solves your issues, trade-in or buyback programs, they have a say in how their products are made and developed.

Cons: very expensive, less user-friendly and can be too high-tech for the average operator.

And a broker?

Contrary to a reseller, a broker is a business that brokers products out to the end users. You may have heard of this as “white labeling” a product.

Pros: less expensive entry price.

Cons: Little to no customer service, this is not typically their full-time job, don’t have the infrastructure to support you, deal with support overseas (language barrier, harder times to communicate with time differences).

Where does Refresh LED fall?

Refresh LED offers the quality of resellers with the customer service and competitive pricing of a broker, but with way more value adds. We run Refresh LED as our full-time focus and have the expertise to educate and help our customers. Our customers benefit from our…

  • 5,000 sq ft warehouse 
  • 12 resellers of Refresh products 
  • Expert knowledge and helpful support team 
  • Complete say in all of our products 
  • Direct wholesale pricing 
  • Our team is all very involved in the church 

Still unsure how to decipher your quotes and what they mean? We’re happy to help! We are so confident that you’ll love working with our team that we will give you a competitive quote from our team to compare if you share your spec sheets with us from other businesses you’re receiving quotes from. Connect with us today to get started.

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