Case Study: Strong Tower Ministries- Galveston, TX

Strong Tower Ministries of Galveston, Texas, is a refuge for men and women facing life-controlling issues. They provide 12-month, residential rehabilitation assistance in a Christian environment, offering hope and an opportunity for a new start to their participants. 

The goal of Strong Tower is to create disciples. Their foundational philosophy is that only God can provide the total cure for the whole man; this principle is fully integrated into every aspect of our rehabilitation program. Everything we do as a faith-based ministry is designed to help our students learn how to face everyday life issues and respond as Christ would. 

Refresh LED was thrilled for the opportunity to work with the team at Strong Tower. Their initial goal was to redesign their space with LED screens that offered flexibility for their gatherings and events. We had just the solution in mind. While we’ve seen pillars used more and more in recent design layouts, a center screen with pillars was the perfect design for their space. 

The end result? A space that was both versatile and functional for all of their setups! Strong Tower loved the results and our team had such a pleasure collaborating with them.


Blueprint Design:


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