A People-First Business Approach

At Refresh LED, we take a people-first approach to business, meaning we value relationships with our community and clients beyond simply making a sale and appreciate person over the products. We were birthed out of the idea that enhancing your space should be a refreshing process, and our team of audio/video professionals is extremely passionate about serving and resourcing our clients beyond what’s expected. 

We’ve heard and seen, first-hand, the headaches that some companies can create for clients when going through an equipment upgrade process. When you interact with anyone from our team, you’ll quickly learn that our “People First” motto is truly our priority. We value relationships beyond the sale and appreciate the person over the product. 

Unlike other companies, our People First approach to business really comes through after completing a project with Refresh. Yes, we will listen to your needs, answer your questions, provide recommendations on the best solutions to solve those roadblocks in your organization and give individualized attention to each and every client from the project start to finish. But after a project wraps up, our team really shines in taking care of our people. 

We find joy in continuing to service our customers after a project is complete, whether that looks like catching up on how the new technology is working for them, answering any ongoing questions they may have, or discussing other ways our organization can continue to partner with these businesses and organizations. 

Above all else, we really value meeting the clients we work with, learning their story, and being a part of it! We love helping people bring their visions to life, providing them with high-quality products that are user-friendly and affordable, and getting to know everyone on a personal level. 

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