5 Creative Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Stage Decor

The holiday season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. While this year’s holiday sermons may be looking a little bit different than others, keeping the spirits high and settings the scene is crucial. Whether you’re having members of your congregation at holiday gatherings or you’re broadcasting it all, we’re sharing some simple ways to make the most out of your holiday stage decor. 

Where to start? Try these five areas! Creating an exceptional holiday atmosphere is easier than you may think with good stage decorations that really set the scene.

  1. Utilize Nativity Stories
  2. Decorate with Christmas trees
  3. Hang snowflakes or falling stars
  4. Create a living room set to connect with live stream viewers
  5. Use signs to indicate the setting such as Bethlehem 

Try to decorate your stage with the main attributes of Christmas and bring the holiday spirit into your sanctuary. You can also set your stage using background screens, string art, origami stage design, balloons, or wooden panels. Add some lights to foster a festive environment or create an ambiance with candles. While these are some of our simple ideas, we encourage you to be creative and go all out!

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