What are LED video walls?

Through the years of technical innovation, LED walls were made to replace the old technology of projection setups. Now, you no longer need to worry about projector lamps going bad, selecting the right lenses, or trying to calculate the proper distance of projector placement. LED walls help bring vivid clarity and detail of visual content to larger-than-life displays. LED walls are perfect for houses of worship, outdoor festivals and events, and corporate settings.

Do we offer financing?

Yes, we offer great financing options to meet each clients’ needs. We work closely with Hampton Ridge Financial to offer our clients competitive leasing and traditional finance options.

Be sure to ask us about in-house financing, too.

What is the turn-around time once an order is placed?

In most cases, when air shippinging, our orders turn-around within 6-8 weeks. We offer more affordable sea-shipping option which may prolong the overall turn-around time to 11-13 weeks.

Can I add more panels to my system down the road?

Yes, adding panels is possible, although we typically advise against it because panel batches will be slightly different in coloring. Because of this, we have a great buy-back program in place for when you’re looking to upgrade your current LED Wall system.

Do we handle the installations?

Refresh LED will oversee every installation. We have a list of affiliates and partners across the country that are trained in our products and services. We have entrusted our affiliates to assist us with installations, servicing and any on-site responses that are needed.

Will my LED wall look good on camera?

When designing our panel, we’ve ensured that every panel has an upgrade refresh rate of no less than 3840hz. Upgraded refresh rate, quality HUB boards, and quality send/receiving cards together deliver an overall great viewing experience for broadcast viewers.

What type of installation should I consider?

We would be glad to discuss this with you in a consultation phone call. To quickly answer this, your desire for flexibility will determine your install method. A ground supported installation is the easiest to complete and will give you the most design flexibility. A hung (or wall-mounted) installation is more of a permanent application.

Do you offer on-site demos?

If you’re near our head-quaters in PA, we would be glad to do an on-site demo. In other cases, we would gladly refer you to nearby clients of ours for you to check out in person.

Do you rent LED Video Walls?

Our in-stock inventory fluctuated from time to time and will be determined on what we currently have in stock. Please check in with us if you have a need for an upcoming event.

What warranty options do you have?

We offer a premium 3-year warranty with every order. The warranty includes every piece of equipment with free repairs, parts, and yearly service check-ins.

What does post-installation servicing look like?

Our dedicated service manager will follow up and check in with you after the sale. Every client will have direct access to our team or any immediate needs, questions, or concerns.

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